What we do

We play the role of a catalyst for micro-entrepreneurs and ignite the spark in them to dream bigger.
By bringing access to information and financial literacy in the palm of their hands, we are bridging the digital divide and
creating access to affordable and timely financial services.

Financial solutions
SMEs can manage their cash flow and inventory, receive digital payments to collect dues on time, all through one app.
Access to loan
Loans can be applied online in a click. We assess the data and create their credit profiles for our banking partners.
We provide platforms through which service providers can receive orders from consumers and corporations.
Through an Online Store feature, we enable micro-entrepreneurs to upload their stock and create their own online sales channel.


“I have worked at many beauty institutions but always wanted to have something of my own. Sheba.xyz might not be my own venture but ever since I became a freelance beauty artist, I have owned it. I am my own boss now, which is what I always dreamt of.”

Poli Rema

About us

We design technological solutions to make urban life easier while addressing the major pain points of small businesses.
Our first product sheba.xyz is the country’s largest online service marketplace. sBusiness on the other hand is serving emerging
corporates and sManager is providing full-stack financial solutions for SMEs and digitizing all flows of their business.

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Who we are

We are lionhearted, self-made entrepreneurs who assembled to create a legacy through technology
and become the driver of success for the historically underserved sector of SMEs.

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