is Bangladesh’s first and biggest online service marketplace with 15,000+ service providers catering to the needs of 100K+ families. We started in 2016 and gradually grew to 241+ services being offered on our platform. Be it cleaning, plumbing, electronic repair, chauffeur services, car rental, air-con, home and office shifting or at home salon services, is connecting the growing number of urban households to professional providers at the click of a button. We provide training, certification, business management assistance and quality assurance to keep generating demand for our service providers. We also have dedicated teams who work relentlessly to ensure high customer satisfaction, keeping this at the centre of our focus.

sManager is an ERP solution for SMEs which acts as a tool to grow their business. It’s an user-friendly app, carefully designed to automate all processes. Currently, 1M+ SMEs can get access to formal banking channels in just 1 click. Other features help them generate extra income, manage cash flow, inventory and customers, collect payments online and create online stores. Our customer service and field representatives are training them to use sManager to improve their business activities. We are here to empower SMEs across Asia, change how they operate in their entirety and bring them towards financial inclusion. is a B2B SaaS platform which automates mundane administrative & HR tasks.
In just a year, 1000s of businesses have trusted sBusiness to cut down time otherwise wasted in managing employees, vendors and paying bills. After COVID-19 we helped businesses create a safe working space for their employees with disinfection and a touchless system.