Stories of Sheba

Dreams are that unparallel force that drives individuals. There are many people who work hard and relentlessly to create their identity and establish themselves within the society. The journey of Service Providers with Sheba platform Limited facilitates them to pursue their dream so that they  can develop their business and grow. 

Sheba Platform Limited has always given a sense of belongingness to the Service Providers who work for us with sheer dedication round the year providing quality services across the nation. The service providers share our pride in achieving market domination as one of the best service marketplace in the country. All our service providers play an essential role as the backbone of the organization by ensuring customer preferences and satisfaction. 

Kartik Shill, The Manz Salon

“I have been a barber for 10 years now. But only recently, platform has allowed me to expand my business and serve people who like to be pampered at the comfort of their home.”

Kartik Shahil, by profession he is a freelance barber. Kartik started his journey working at one of the renowned men’s salons of Dhaka. Now it’s been 10 years since he has grown his expertise in this field. He says, ”  I am now working to create my own identity and working as a freelancer.  In my journey platform has allowed me to expand my business and serve people where I can add value with my skill set.”

Moklesur Rahman Moshiur, M R Shiritee Builders

“I have been running my business since 2001, lately my friend introduced me to Sheba Platform Limited in 2018. I was impressed to learn about the sManager app which is constantly supporting my business as a digital assistant till now” 

Moklesur Rahman Moshiur, by profession a SME entrepreneur, left his job and incorporated his skills and qualifications to pursue his dream of starting his own business.  It has been 20 years since he has successfully run his business, however, there were financial limitations to expand it. He explored many banks and NGOs for loan facilities but could not rely on any for receiving a risk free loan. During his time of hardship his friend shared his experience of being a registered user of sManager app which motivated him to avail his business from platform and use the sManager app to digitally assist the operation. 

Being a hardworking and dedicated business owner Moklesur Rahman not only managed to apply for loan within a short period of time through sManager app but also received the Gold award at Service Award, 2019. He says “ my journey with Sheba Platform Limited facilitated by business and life in every aspect. Now I have more time to concentrate on my work as sManager takes care of the hassles starting from managing my inventory till sanctioning loan digitally.” 

Mohsin Kazi, New Imtiaz Refrigeration

“ I have been serving my customers for the last 7 years but 2019 is the year I started to enjoy my individual freedom as an entrepreneur since sheba started to directly connect me with the customers. Now I have the full freedom to complete all my responsibilities towards my customers and sManager manages the business for me.” 

Mohsin Kazi is a smart, hardworking and proactive entrepreneur to whom nothing is impossible. When he started his business of providing appliance services, he did not have the freedom to take full ownership of his own business because of the dependency upon big companies. Sheba Platform Limited opened the path for him to directly communicate with the customers and generate his own work orders for which he is now able to understand the customer needs better and serve them with full satisfaction. 

During the pandemic of Covid-19, where many small businesses were facing challenges to provide services because of lockdown and scarcity of transportation,  Mohsin Kazi grabbed the opportunity to serve each and every service orders generated from Platform with limited resources who have their own transportation besides ensuring safety measures keeping the both employees and customers health in mind. 

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