“Through technology, we can turn every person in Bangladesh into Ironman.”

Our Founder Story

Adnan and Sajib, two friends, were heading businesses in the telecommunication and Internet industry for nearly a decade. They were both well-traveled and well-read tech enthusiasts who believed that in this modern era the possibilities are endless.

In 2016, they decided to quit their day jobs and solve a problem for the urban population – dealing with unprofessional handymen on a day-to-day basis. These handymen/service providers were mostly uncertified and charging uncertain prices. Adnan and Sajib set out to find the root cause of these issues when they realized that the bigger problem was the lack of opportunity to grow for these service providers. Most of them had no fixed income and did not have the scope to develop their skills.

Soon, Shoeb, a young and enthusiastic software engineer who had his own startup joined the vision and came on board as a Co-Founder. He designed the first technological solution and built a sophisticated platform to connect service providers to their customers.

They decided to focus on changing the mindsets of the service providers and train them to become entrepreneurs which ultimately resulted in top quality customer service. Three of them together gave life to the idea and named it “Sheba” which translates to caring for someone.

Our Culture

  • People
    We are a people’s organization and we protect each other like family.
  • Experience
    We value and respect personal and collective experiences of our people.
  • Love
    We believe in compassionate work and serve our customers with love.
  • Stories
    Every small business has a story and we are humbled to be a small part of them.

Our Values

  • Be agile in the way we work
  • Be data driven in determining the results
  • Be persevering in difficult times
  • Be impact-oriented in every decision we make
  • Be united as one winning team